Piekarnia SZMIDT
Firma Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowa Sybilla Szmidt

ul. Ks. Wyszyńskiego 62a
44-120 Pyskowice

tel.: +48 (32) 33-88-888
fax.: +48 (32) 301-91-99
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The FPHU Sybilla Szmidt company, located in Pyskowice, was born as a fruit of family love for the noble craft of baking and pastry-cooking; it is also an effect of huge passion which accompanied its cultivation. Our family company was incorporated in 1932 in Ziemi─Öcice near Gliwice. It is a multi-generation company, which was inherited from the very beginning by subsequent generations. In 1984 the Company was taken over from the Parents with some of the very best craft models, beginning a new chapter in its history as FPHU Sybilla Szmidt. At first production was located in Pniów. Currently, the principal office together with production, transport and management is located in Pyskowice – a city in Upper Silesia, where the guild of bakers belongs to the oldest and the bakery masters are held of high esteem. This was proven by discovered documents, dating from 1421, 1586, and later. Such old roots of this craft in Pyskowice, chosen by us as a place of living, may be a little intimidating, however, most of all, it puts on us great responsibility. Somehow we write another chapter of the history. A small chapter. Our motto is to combine harmoniously the modernity with the best traditions of our profession. We dream of the taste virtue of our products, filled with the spirits of the tradition and passion we put into them as well as the joy of life enchanted within them, emanating to you. We would like they created the mood which inspired you to form an individual habit of spending spare time – along with the inseparable, specific variety. We perceive them as unforgettable pleasures of taste, guaranteed by our company.

We would like to invite you to our stores in Pyskowice, Gliwice, Toszek and Zabrze and our stands assembled during the events organized for local communities.

The joy of life hidden:
in the traditional bread formula
in creating the exceptional taste of ice-cream
in wealth and finesse of confectionary
in the unforgettable taste of coffee

               The joy of life hidden in taste
We promote cakes corresponding to the latest trends of conscious nutrition, which keep the best taste of traditional baked goods, and containing valuable ingredients.
We promote cakes corresponding to the latest trends of conscious nutrition, which keep the best taste of traditional baked goods

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